What a day. I am happily exhausted.

I am both physically and mentally exhausted after the past couple days and I’m not even done yet. 😂

*NSYNC has literally killed me a dozen times since Wednesday night. 🎲🎲 IYKYK

The newest seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, and 9-1-1 all started last night. I’m not watching the episodes until tonight though.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert was released to Disney+ yesterday. 🎤 I’ve got it on right now while I work on this blog post and do some other work. I don’t know if I’ll get through the full 3 and a half hours today though or not.

I finally had a second appointment at the ENT office yesterday and the doctor was able to suction the rest of the wax out of my ear. 👂🏻 Is anyone else fascinated by seeing what comes out or just me? 😂 And yes, I realize I only told you the end of the story and not the beginning or middle. Basically, in January 2023, my left ear got plugged up with ear wax and caused tinnitus. I had a first appointment in November 2023, but the wax was too hard to come out so I had another one scheduled for the end of December. In mid-December, an ENT came to the facility I live in and removed a good chunk of the wax. I never made it to that December appointment though because of a mix-up with the facility and it was rescheduled for mid-February. But I couldn’t make that appointment because I had RSV so it was rescheduled for yesterday and I finally made that one thank goodness!

And lastly, Justin Timberlake released another solo album yesterday, which is where the *NSYNC killing me dead comes from. I have not listened to the full album yet, just Paradise over and over. More on that in another post.