The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

Here are my thoughts/reactions to all 6 episodes of TOWL. I screen shot my notes and tweeted them after each episode aired, but when going to grab the link to each tweet it just repeated the same picture on desktop, but it was shown correctly on the app, so instead I’m just going to insert everything here to make it easier. Note that I made my notes as I watched the episode the first time, so some things were not noticed until the same shot from a different angle in another episode or during the 2nd or 3rd viewing.

1×01 Years
I need to know how far into him being taken away did he consider ending it.

5 years after the bridge. Nooo, I want to know what happened from the time he left.

Voluntary? 🀣🀣🀣

Yeah I doubt that.

Like dogs on leashes, they’re tethered to someone. This is not going to end well.

Oh he’s gonna do it on purpose. I thought that wire was going to zip right through his hand.

Stick your hand/arm in fire already and cauterize the wound before you bleed to death!

It makes sense that nobody was trying to escape because they have nowhere else to be, but Rick does.

Esteban is too happy. I worry for his safety.

Kapow! Hidden weapon!

I almost think Okafor wants Rick to get back home and that he knows moving up in rank is the only way how.

I wonder what exactly Omaha did to get annihilated. We know they talked, but to who?

The old make a walker look like me ploy.

Okafor found at least some of the notes and took them. Fuck.

So Okafor told Rick he helped take out Omaha before it was on the news. Was that on purpose or a mix up?

Well got the answer to my first thought/question answered.

Awwwww he got rid of everything.

So he (Okafor) wanted something to go down at that conference it seems. Or am I misinterpreting things?

Who shot them down?


Weird that Michonne only took off Rick’s helmet before going to kill him and not the others. πŸ˜‚

1×02 Gone
Well that’s a cool shot.

I didn’t even notice the blast in Texas was shown (in the map during the opening credits/theme) until someone mentioned it on Twitter after the first episode aired.

AMC is really getting their money’s worth in showing the clip of the bridge blowing up. πŸ˜‚

A father who doesn’t even know about one of those kids.

For how slow that caravan is moving, how do they lose people?

Shoto. What does this mean again? I forgot. I just know she’s trying to reach Judith.

Damn, that is a mega hoard.

Well that’s one way to distract them.

Whoops (falls off horse)

And uh-oh (walkers turn back to her)

They waved a white flag at her. πŸ˜‚

I think that could be the helicopter Rick saw in episode 1.

Oh shit. The helicopter spotted them and dropped bombs of death on them.

We have now reached the Dawn of the Dead (newer version with Ving Rhames) portion of The Walking Dead. (And I cannot believe that I didn’t see anyone else mention this because it had to be on purpose. It was just like the movie.)

So is everyone new going to die in their first (or 2nd) episode?

It ends with burning it all to the ground.

OMG they just randomly saw a helicopter and thought “hey, let’s shoot it down?”


Damnit. He lived through that gas bomb and still died?

I think we were all wrong about what that look on her face when the helicopter came down.

I love that her fake name is so close to her real name.

I can see how anyone would be happy to be there. Inside walls where it’s safe, without walkers, but there’s shelter, food, etc.

She’s not telling him about RJ for some reason. Trust issues?

Why do I feel like that was Jadis?


Yup. It was her.

Oh she’s kept tabs on him over the years.

And now she’s threatening him. Which I’m sure she has been doing over the years. Threatening to take out Alexandria, the kids, etc. I wonder if she’s told him about RJ? I think she’s the one who sketched Michonne and Judith’s images into the phone’s, so she would know about him.

1×03 Bye

Bye 1×03

He’s got a beeper.


Dun dun dun

And yet she threw them away.

She’s too high up for that.

Oh so she wasn’t just put into the CRM from the start (of getting Rick there)

She’s very emotional over Rick possibly having died. I think.Β 

– There’s not a lot for episode 3 because I had originally planned on doing video reactions for the episodes. I did notes during both the first 2 episodes while filming and decided to scrap the notes partly into episode 3 and then realized you couldn’t hear me at all. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

1×04 What We

It’s easy street 2.0

It’s a smart house

There goes the idea of a good meal

Oh he’s going to see those scars on her back

The screensaver πŸ˜‚

She said children!

She told him about RJ!

Rick’s big mad at a talking thermostat.

Tell her that Jadis has you by the balls and is threatening to kill everyone in Alexandria.

And he just did.

I wonder how far those gas bombs they drop reach and how long they last? Everyone in Alexandria “hides” in the Commonwealth, the Bricks, etc until it’s safe to go back.

So he’s acting on a someday. πŸ™„

Somebody come get this man.

I still want to know whose apartment that was.

Men πŸ™„

Incoming! (meaning the helicopter)

They so did that to make sure they were actually dead instead of trying to save them.

Ooh it’s a test subject lab.

I bet that apartment they were in was Patel’s.

Michonne is going to freak out when she finds out that Judith was shot while she was gone.

If they’re going to hide out there, they should use that computer to find stuff out.

Or they could just have smexxxy time.

Oh yeah, that’s when she stopped letting people into Alexandria.


Awwwww she had a picture made for him.

Gotta make good use of those 2 minutes. πŸ˜‚

That’s what she said in dream.

I know it sounds like something you’d say, I just said that you said it. πŸ˜‚

The preview for the next episode gives me Cabin inn the Woods vibes.

1×05 Become

Which could mean a reclamation team is already on its way to Alexandria! Eek!


It’s just a regular Sunday drive for the Grimes picking up some Ramen.

Wyoming? They really are taking the scenic route to get back to the kids.

There was smoke coming out of the chimney, someone has to be there.

Someone get this woman a custom license plate for her bike!

They are really making up for lost time. πŸ˜‚


Red machete… Red gun. Coincidence?

The entire Walking Dead universe is protecting people from the people.

Guns = no noodles. Got it.

Oh fuck

Um…. don’t hug her.


Once again, oh fuck.

Wait… my brain just remembered that they were not in PA when episode 4 took place so Wyoming would be on their route. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Oohhh so Jadis sneaks out of the CR for chats with Father Gabriel.

No no no no no. Take no help from her.

Let’s get ready to rumble!


Why do they never shut the doors to their cars? Don’t they want to be able to get back into an uninfested walker mobile?

He’s still bitching about the noodles. πŸ˜‚

Be very wary of her noodle boy.

I think Jadis is going to kill them and put her uniform on the girl to make Rick and Michonne think it’s her.

Ok she didn’t do that, but those 3 are probably still going to die.

And there goes the girl. She was ok. She didn’t try to take everything R & M had.

I wonder if Father Gabriel has told Jadis about Commonwealth?

Even if Jadis wanted to leave the CRM and go back to Alexandria, she couldn’t leave right away. She would have to get rid of the evidence about it first.

Noooooooooooo! Coco already lost her dad and her mom, don’t let her lose her stepdad too. Though a year ago would be 13 years in so right around the time of the main series finale before the time jump.

Jadis, why are both shooting at them and trying to keep them safe at the same time? πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

I don’t like this deal if it means them splitting up again.

The shit they’ve pulled? What about the shit you’ve pulled? Also, I don’t trust Jadis. (Has anyone ever trusted her? Besides Gabe that is.)

I don’t get why Jadis felt she needed to kill Father Gabriel.

Well there’s no saving her from that. Oh darn.

Get all the info, then decide if the CRM needs to come down. We already know it does, but I think they need more proof.

How did you know? Oh we meet up once a year for tea. 🀣

So was Father Gabriel in the same area that Rick and Michonne were? It looks similar, but I don’t think he went that far west.

I don’t like that there’s only 1 episode left. It’s not enough time to get everything done.

1×06 The Last Time
53:51 total run time which includes insider info.

Being “together”, but keeping their weapons close just in case.

Did Rick create a new cut to bleed to make it more realistic that he barely survived the crash?

Wow. Thorne’s in deep if she thinks Okafor, who was like her God, wasn’t all in.

Parkour! 🀣

Jadis still painted, but based on what she said about not dying an artist I don’t think anyone really knew that.

If Beale never had to earn his citizenship to the CR he must have been a high ranking official from the beginning.

Like Jenner was trying to figure out.

It looks like Jadis painted Father Gabriel, General Beale, and Tammy, but I don’t think it was her.

Β Jadis always with the wire cats πŸ˜‚

Damn Michonne. I feel like she could have put her helmet on and tried to say she was waiting for Jadis or something instead of killing the soldier since that is going to raise concern when she doesn’t show up wherever she needed to go next.

Awww someone lost their bunny.

Are we seeing kill shots we have not seen before or have I just forgotten them?

So they have kids planted as sleeper cell agents?

So Beale did know why Omaha was really bombed.

And they don’t think that anyone in the Philadelphia CR is going to find it weird how the other 2 cities were destroyed in a similar manner?

So we know he means Alexandria, Tank Town (FTWD) Commonwealth, etc, but what does he know about them?

A bunny!? They thinking a fucking stuffed bunny is going to make things ok? That it fixes knowing their parents are dead?

He came back because he got caught. It wasn’t always a choice.

You can’t promise that. That nobody else will die. And you’ll never let in entire communities just because Rick asked you to.

Okafor didn’t like what Beale said either and lied when asked to swear on the sword. He was telling Rick to take them all down like I thought in episode 1. He told Thorne too, but she believed Beale too much.

Right through the hand and into his heart. Damn.

Did he stuff Beale’s body in that storage container to use as a pop-up zombie later on? It’ll be like what Sasha did to herself in the coffin.

Rick, stop looking down you’re just drawing attention to it.


Oh shit. 🀣

 He was ready to jump up and fight Michonne.

What’s in it? Pop-up surprise!

Why would he say they can just go? Even with Beale dead I’m sure they’ll follow through with the plans to bomb Portland and eventually Alexandria and the other communities. Why doesn’t he tell her that?

Um… isn’t he going to need that?

It’s no katana, but it’ll do.

Thorne just had a big realization. Though I don’t know which way she turned.

Oh she went that way.

He’s in that tent over there. He’s waiting for you.Β 



I think that right there is exactly what Okafor wanted to happen.

(this is for when Rick first gets surrounded)

(this is for when I thought he actually blew himself up)

OMG the heart attack I just had.

I’m so glad they got Cailey Fleming and Antony Azor back to play Judith and RJ.

The helicopter at the end has 1 circle instead of 3.

I can’t believe they were able to squeeze all of that into 48 minutes.

I do wish the reunion at the end was longer, but overall I am happy with it. It makes me want to restart the main series from the beginning and watch it straight through, but it’s still not on AMC+. Β 

If you wanted to read what part of the dossier Jadis wrote said, I made a TikTok with screencaps of what was shown.

If you’re looking to watch some live reactions to the series I recommend these 3 channels.

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