Daddy Cop returns to The Rookie!

So a year ago I posted about the song at the beginning of the season 5, episode 13 episode of The Rookie titled “Daddy Cop” and how I could not get it out of my head. Well apparently I wasn’t the only one because for the show’s 100th (season 6, episode 2) episode that aired on Tuesday titled “The Hammer”, they brought the guy and his band back to sing to John Nolan again. Same song, just as awesome.

Almost immediately after I finished watching the episode, which I watched 24 hours after it originally aired, I went looking for the clip on YouTube so I could watch it again and add it to my favorites playlist and could not find it. So today I grabbed the clips from both episodes, edited them into one video and uploaded it myself. I have been listening to it on and off all day long.

The guy who wrote the song, Zander Hawley, whose dad happens to be the creator of The Rookie, put the full track of the song up on his YouTube channel and it is also on Spotify. Note that the full version is not made for tv, if you catch my drift, and the handcuffs.

If you think the song is as catchy as I do, either the tv or full version, leave me a comment.